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安德鲁·吉布生 CEIEC

Andrew Gibson

 Andrew, Senior Consultant for Beijing LDBJ Consulting Co., Ltd., has over 25 years in the environmental and industrial safety area coving all aspects of safety from strategy and planning to developing safety management systems and auditing. He has also dealt with hazardous substances and policy development and implementation.

Andrew started his career in environmental management and the design and implementation of environmental management systems. He moved on from this area into industrial health and safety having worked for large corporates in the forestry and chemical industries. Both these industries carry a high degree of safety risk and Andrew has been successful implementing safety policies having achieved a 200% improvement in the safety record in the chemical industry and had similar successes in the forestry industry. Recently he has helped one corporate to reduce the Total Incident Rate by 40% between 2000 and 2002. Andrew has experience not only in Australia and New Zealand but has worked in Malaysia, Singapore, United States and England and advised organisations on how to reduce environmental and safety risks.

 Arising out of his wide experience Andrew is able to manage and lead multi-disciplinary projects and gain significant safety performance improvements in complex and high risk environments and bring about successful cultural change within the organisation.

 More recently Andrew set up the Safety Leadership College to help increase the safety awareness within both Australia and New Zealand. He has also developed leading edge safety software that help organisations improve their safety management.

Andrew has a degree in forestry and a certificate in economics. He is also a member of the Society for Occupational Hygienists and Resource Management Law Association and a Member of the Australian Standards Committee for Environmental Management. 

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