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Core Competencies for Personal Effectiveness

AudienceProfessionals who wish 

    to improve their skills of communication, 

    to use thir time more effectively, 

    to work better in a team and 

    to servie customers better.

Course Outline1. 

Prologue:A message to Garcia

A) Examples of successful professionals
B) Proactive and agressive
C) Responsibility and accountability

2. Objective Setting and Time Management

A) Eight rules for Objective Setting
B) Five Aspects of Time Management

3. Problem Solving

A) The Process of Problem Solving
B) Common Tools

4. Effective Communication Skills

A) Getting Your Points Across 
B) Active Listening

5. Team Work

A) Individual vs. Team Performance
B) Co-operation and Resolving Conflict

6. First Class Customer Service 

A) Service from Different Perspectives
B) Steps towards Active Customer Service 
C) Responding to Challenging Custoener and Turning Complaints into Opportunities

The Trainer:

Training modules:

Time Management, Objective Setting, Communication Skills, Teamwork, Customer service, Professional Selling Skills, Coaching, Performance Management, Training System, Problem Solving, Total Quality Management, Innovation and Change Management, Delegation and Motivation



Date: (Fri/Sat) April 23/24, 2004 随时预约,随时培训
Venue: Beijing Jilin Hotel

Discount      1) 20% for the first 8 participants, 2)1% per participant, up to 20%, accumulatively, for existing clients.
Other dates for this training in Beijing:    Aug20/21 (Fri/Sat), Nov 6/7 (Sat/Sun)We are offering a very favorable rate for in-house training of this program. For 9 or less participants, the trainer fee is only 9000 Yuan a day. 

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