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Core Competencies for Sales Professionals


The Most Effective Way to Improve your Sales Productivity


Sales representatives, sales supervisors, sales managers 

Course Outline: 

A) Preparing yourself to be a Super Sales Star 

    1 Proactive, aggressive and accountable 

    2 Building consultative, long-term partnership

B) Professional Selling Skills 

    1 Targeting the potential customers 

    2 Preparing the sales call 

    3 Opening, understanding the needs, supporting, closing, indifference, skepticism, misunderstanding 

C) Sales Negotiation 

    1 Preparing a negotiation: MDO, LAA and BATNA 

    2 10 negotiation tips 

D) Excellence in Customer Service 

    1 Service from different perspectives 

    2 Steps to positive customer service 

    3 Responding to challenging customers and turning complaints into opportunity 

E) Problem Solving Techniques 

    1 Problems solving process 

    2 Common tools 

The Trainer:

With an MBA from City University, Herbert has profound and extensive experience in the field of purchasing, sales and marketing, quality and human resources management from many world famous multinational companies.

Herbert has been the training co-ordinator, trainer, training supervisor and training manager for multinational companies and received trainer's training for quality management, performance management, personal effectiveness and leadership skills. Herbert has been the certified trainer of sales, personal effectiveness and leadership from famous US consulting companies.

Herbert has provided training services for different multinational and local organizations from different field.

Other Training modules:

Time Management, Objective Setting, Communication Skills, Teamwork, Customer service, Professional Selling Skills, Coaching, Performance Management, Training System, Problem Solving, Total Quality Management, Innovation and Change Management, Delegation and Motivation

Language: Chinese and or English