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呈现技巧培训  For Students

Effective Presentation Skills

Presentations are very much a part of every manager, supervisor or executive’s daily responsibilities. And what distinguish the successful professionals from everyone else are effective presentation skills. Theses skills are most critical to the success of each individual professional and they lead to the successes of businesses as well.

 Who Should Attend:

 GMs, Department Managers, Supervisors, Executives and those who want to improve their presentation skills.

 Course Objective:

 l          Speak and think with greater clarity and purpose, stress key ideas

l          Face an audience with confidence and control, make the most of your own natural speaking style

l          Shape and organize your presentation to influence and persuade listeners, get the response and results you want

l          Conquer fear and negative stress

l          Make your performance skills, your sense of humor and your own personality work for you!

l         Give impromptu and prepared presentations before the class and receive personalized feedback

 Course Outline:

 l          Planning and preparing for presentation – managing presentation stress

l          Defining your presentational purpose, audience analysis, focusing on audience needs

l          Developing the opening, body and close – organizational techniques – encouraging audience involvement

l          Understanding the power of body language – how you are perceived by others, commanding/focusing attention, using your body and voice to influence an audience

l          Effective use of audiovisual aids – creating interesting, compelling PowerPoint slides

l          Persuading an audience – effective word and message choice

l         Answering difficult questions from an audience


 About The Trainer:

 Christopher Teed, Senior Consultant for Beijing LDBJ Consulting Co., Ltd., is a renowned expert in the disciplines of business communication and presentations. 

Mr. Teed has more than 6 years of experience in China providing Business Communication and Presentation Skills training to MNCs, JVs, SOEs, private businesses, and educational institutions, making full use of his education in journalism and experience as a TV reporter and newspaper columnist and owner of a communications company in Canada providing, among other services, presentation skills training, public and media relations, advertising and marketing to clients including politicians and political parties, corporate managers and private business owners. 

A partial list of his clients in China includes Motorola, Nokia, Daimler Chrysler, Peking University, GE, Novartis, Shell, Honeywell and DTZ.

 LanguageEnglish         Date Wed/Thurs - Mar 3/4, 2004       Venue Beijing  * * * ( * )  Hotel




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