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National Anthem of China China Early Dwellers in China

Dynasties in China

A Brief Chinese Chronology

Xia Dynasty about 2070 BC-1600 BC

Shang Dynasty about 1600 BC-1046 BC

Zhou Dynasty about 1046 BC-221 BC

    Western Zhou Dynasty about 1046 BC-771 BC

    Eastern Zhou Dynasty 770BC-256BC

         Spring and Autumn Period 770BC-476BC

         Warring States 475BC-221BC

Qin Dynasty 221BC-206BC

Han Dynasty 202BC-220AD

    Western Han 202BC-8AD

    Eastern Han 25AD-220AD

Three Kingdoms 220AD-280AD

    Wei 220AD-265AD

    Shu 221AD-263AD

    Wu 222AD-280AD

Jin Dynasty 265AD-420AD

    Western Jin Dynasty 265AD-316AD

    Eastern Jin Dynasty 317AD-420AD

Sixteen Kingdoms 304AD-439AD

Northern and Southern Dynasties 386AD-589AD

    Northern Dynasties 386AD-581AD

    Southern Dynasties 420AD-589AD

Sui Dynasty 581AD-618AD

Tang Dynasty 618AD-907AD

Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms 907AD-979AD

Song Dynasty 960AD-1276AD

    Northern Song Dynasty 960AD-1127AD

    Southern Song Dynasty 1127AD-1276AD

Liao Dynasty 916AD-1125AD

Western Xia Dynasty 1038AD-1227AD

Jin Dynasty 1115AD-1234AD

Yuan Dynasty 1271AD-1368AD

Ming Dynasty 1368AD-1644AD

Qing Dynasty 1644AD-1911AD

Republic of China 1912AD-1949AD

People's Republic of China founded on Oct. 1, 1949

China under the Leadership of Mao Zedong