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The base of a horse’s ears is very flexible. They are able to swivel their ears to pinpoint sounds in front and behind them. Their ears are also used to convey emotions. 

Horses are herd animals and find safety in groups. It can be stressful for horses to live alone or removed from their companions when handled or ridden. 


Throughout their history with humans horses have served many purposes. Our first use for horses was as food. Historians believe they were first used as draft animals. They have been used for farm work, battle, pleasure, and transport. 

They have pulled everything from canons to barges. They were essential transport for cow hands responsible for herding cattle over long distances and pulling omnibuses through city streets. 

As the popularity and power of the internal combustion engine increased use of the horse shifted from work engine to pleasure animal. Today some cultures still eat horses, and use them to pull loads and ploughs. 

But these practises are either frowned on or disappearing. For the modern horse lover there are hundreds of sports and activities one can enjoy with a horse or pony and many are kept just for the joy of ownership.

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