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中华人民共和国海上交通安全法 关于海上刑事案件管辖等有关问题的通知 外商参与打捞中国沿海水域沉船沉物管理办法  Management_11 Maritime
What kinds of cases are covered under Admiralty/Maritime law? 

There are two types of cases that are typically covered under the admiralty/maritime law: 

1. Admiralty and maritime matters arising out of an injury to one or more persons or damage to property related to a vessel in navigation on the navigable waters of the United States during the course of traditional maritime activity with the potential for affecting maritime commerce, which can also injuries and property damage sustained on or by means of pleasure craft, as well as those sustained on or by means of commercial vessels.

 There are also two federal laws that cover injuries sustained by seamen, longshoremen and harbor workers: the Jones Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (LHWCA). 

2. Maritime contracts, contracts that relate to the navigation, business or commerce of the sea, including contracts to repair vessels.

However, contracts for the construction of new vessels are not considered maritime contracts, nor are contracts fror the sale and purchase of vessels. But, marine insurance policies are considered maritime contracts.