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(6) provide for a consultation process designed to promote_

(A) commercial resolution of disputes, and

(B) cooperation with shippers in preventing and eliminating malpractices;

(7) establish procedures for promptly and fairly considering shippers_ requests and complaints; and

(8) provide that any member of the conference may take independent action on any rate or service item upon not more than 5 calendar days_ notice to the conference and that, except for exempt commodities not published in the conference tariff, the conference will include the new rate or service item in its tariff for use by that member, effective no later than 5 calendar days after receipt of the notice, and by any other member that notifies the conference that it elects to adopt the independent rate or service item on or after its effective date, in lieu of the existing conference tariff provision for that rate or service item.

(c) Ocean Common Carrier Agreements. An ocean common carrier agreement may not_

(1) prohibit or restrict a member or members of the agreeement from engaging in negotiations for service contracts with one or more shippers;

(2) require a member or members of the agreement to disclose a negotiation on a service contract, or the terms and conditions of a service contract, other than those terms or conditions required to be published under section 8(c)(3) of this Act; or

(3) adopt mandatory rules or requirements affecting the right of an agreement member or agreement members to negotiate and enter into service contracts.