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价值观与企业文化管理 企业文化

ethical trading

Respecting human rights and trading ethically is fundamental to the way we work, not just within our owned and operated businesses but also in how we interact with our wider value chain. 

Our international Human Rights and Ethical Trading (HRET) Policy is fundamental to the way we seek to do business. 

It covers core labour rights and dignity at work; health and safety in the workplace; fair remuneration; diversity and respect for differences and opportunity for development.

We have developed the policy taking into account the highest international standards - such as the International Labour Organisation conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - as well as cultural and legal best practice from our local markets.

 It applies to all our business units and it is backed by a rolling programme putting in place processes for compliance within all parts of our business and our supply chain. 

In 2000 we extended and reissued Our Business Principles making clear the values and behaviours expected of every employee, everywhere. 

They contain further information about how our commitment translates into action.