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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第九十四条 捐助人有权向捐助法人查询捐助财产的使用、管理情况,并提出意见和建议,捐助法人应当及时、如实答复。
Article 94
A donor has the right to inquire into and provide comments and suggestions on the expenditure and management of the property he has donated to a donation-funded legal person, and the donation-funded legal person shall respond honestly and in a timely manner.
Where a decision is made by the decision-making body, executive body, or the legal representative of a donation-funded legal person, if the decision-making procedure is in violation of the laws, administrative regulations, or the legal person’s articles of association, or, if the content of the decision violates the articles of association, a donor or any other interested person, or the competent authority may request the people’s court to revoke the decision. Provided, however, that any civil juristic relationship already formed between the donation-funded legal person and a bona fide counterparty based on such a decision may not be affected.
  第九十五条 为公益目的成立的非营利法人终止时,不得向出资人、设立人或者会员分配剩余财产。剩余财产应当按照法人章程的规定或者权力机构的决议用于公益目的;无法按照法人章程的规定或者权力机构的决议处理的,由主管机关主持转给宗旨相同或者相近的法人,并向社会公告。
Article 95
Upon termination, a non-profit legal person established for the purpose of public welfare may not distribute the residual assets among its capital contributors, incorporators, or members. The residual assets shall continue to be used for the purpose of public welfare, as is stipulated in the articles of association or the resolution made by the governing body; where it is not possible to dispose of such residual assets in accordance with the articles of association or the resolution made by the governing body, the competent authority shall take the charge transferring the assets to another legal person with the same or similar purposes and then make a public notice.
  第四节 特别法人
Section 4
Special Legal Persons
  第九十六条 本节规定的机关法人、农村集体经济组织法人、城镇农村的合作经济组织法人、基层群众性自治组织法人,为特别法人。
Article 96
For the purposes of this Section, State-organ legal persons, rural economic collective legal persons, urban and rural cooperative economic organization legal persons, and primary-level self-governing organization legal persons are special types of legal persons.
  第九十七条 有独立经费的机关和承担行政职能的法定机构从成立之日起,具有机关法人资格,可以从事为履行职能所需要的民事活动。
Article 97
A State organ with independent budgets or a legally chartered institution assuming administrative functions is qualified as a State-organ legal person from the date of its establishment and may engage in civil activities that are necessary for the performance of its responsibilities.


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