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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第七章 代理
Chapter VII
  第一节 一般规定
Section 1
General Rules
  第一百六十一条 民事主体可以通过代理人实施民事法律行为。
Article 161
A person of the civil law may perform a civil juristic act through his agent.
A civil juristic act may not be performed through an agent if the act must be performed by the principal himself in accordance with law, as agreed by the parties, or based on the nature of the act.
  第一百六十二条 代理人在代理权限内,以被代理人名义实施的民事法律行为,对被代理人发生效力。
Article 162
A civil juristic act performed by an agent in the principal’s name within the scope of authority is binding on the principal.
  第一百六十三条 代理包括委托代理和法定代理。
Article 163
Agency consists of agency by agreement and agency by operation of law.
An agent under agreement shall act in accordance with the principal’s authorization. An agent by operation of law shall act in accordance with law.


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