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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第二百二十一条 当事人签订买卖房屋的协议或者签订其他不动产物权的协议,为保障将来实现物权,按照约定可以向登记机构申请预告登记。预告登记后,未经预告登记的权利人同意,处分该不动产的,不发生物权效力。
Article 221
Where the parties enter into an agreement for the sale of a house or on any other real right in immovable property, they may apply for registration of a priority notice to a registration authority in accordance with the agreement so as to ensure the realization of the real right in the future. Where, after the priority notice is registered, the immovable property is disposed of without the consent of the right holder as registered in the priority notice, the disposition is not effective in terms of the real right.
Where, after the priority notice is registered, no application for registration of the real right of immovable property has been made within 90 days from the date on which the creditor’s claim extinguishes or the immovable property is eligible for registration, the registration of the priority notice becomes ineffective.
  第二百二十二条 当事人提供虚假材料申请登记,造成他人损害的,应当承担赔偿责任。
Article 222
A party who provides false materials upon application for registration and thus causes damage to another person shall be liable for compensation.
Where damage is caused to another person due to an error upon registration, the registration authority shall be liable for compensation. After having made such compensation, the registration authority has the right to indemnification against the person who has made the error.
  第二百二十三条 不动产登记费按件收取,不得按照不动产的面积、体积或者价款的比例收取。
Article 223
The fee for the registration of immovable property shall be collected on a piece-by-piece basis and may not be collected in proportion to the area, size, or purchase price of the immovable property.
  第二节 动产交付
Section 2
Delivery of Movable Property
  第二百二十四条 动产物权的设立和转让,自交付时发生效力,但是法律另有规定的除外。
Article 224
The creation or transfer of a real right in movable property shall take effect upon delivery, unless otherwise provided by law.
  第二百二十五条 船舶、航空器和机动车等的物权的设立、变更、转让和消灭,未经登记,不得对抗善意第三人。
Article 225
The creation, alteration, transfer, or extinguishment of the real rights in vessels, aircrafts, motor vehicles, and the like, that have not been registered, is not effective against a bona fide third person.
  第二百二十六条 动产物权设立和转让前,权利人已经占有该动产的,物权自民事法律行为生效时发生效力。
Article 226
Where a right holder is already in possession of a movable property before a real right in the movable property is created or transferred, the real right in the movable property becomes effective at the time when the civil juristic act is effected.
  第二百二十七条 动产物权设立和转让前,第三人占有该动产的,负有交付义务的人可以通过转让请求第三人返还原物的权利代替交付。
Article 227
Where a third person is in possession of a movable property before a real right in the movable property is created or transferred, the person obligated to deliver the movable property may transfer his right to restitution against the third person as substitute for delivery.


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