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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第二百八十七条 业主对建设单位、物业服务企业或者其他管理人以及其他业主侵害自己合法权益的行为,有权请求其承担民事责任。
Article 287
A unit owner has the right to request the developer, the property management service enterprise or other managers, and other unit owners to bear civil liability for any act done by them that infringes upon his lawful rights and interests.
  第七章 相邻关系
Chapter VII
Adjacent Relationships
  第二百八十八条 不动产的相邻权利人应当按照有利生产、方便生活、团结互助、公平合理的原则,正确处理相邻关系。
Article 288
The persons entitled to adjacent rights in immovable property shall properly deal with adjacent relationships in accordance with the principles of facilitation to production, convenience for daily lives, solidarity and mutual assistance, and fairness and reasonableness.
  第二百八十九条 法律、法规对处理相邻关系有规定的,依照其规定;法律、法规没有规定的,可以按照当地习惯。
Article 289
Where there are laws and regulations providing for adjacent relationships, those provisions shall be applied. Where there are no such provisions, local customs may be followed.
  第二百九十条 不动产权利人应当为相邻权利人用水、排水提供必要的便利。
Article 290
A person entitled to the real rights in immovable property shall provide a person entitled to an adjacent right in the immovable property the necessary convenience for the use of water or drainage.
The right to utilization of natural flowing water shall be reasonably allocated among the persons entitled to the adjacent rights in the immovable property. When discharging the water, the direction of the natural water flow shall be respected.


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