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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第三百二十二条 因加工、附合、混合而产生的物的归属,有约定的,按照约定;没有约定或者约定不明确的,依照法律规定;法律没有规定的,按照充分发挥物的效用以及保护无过错当事人的原则确定。因一方当事人的过错或者确定物的归属造成另一方当事人损害的,应当给予赔偿或者补偿。
Article 322
A thing, that is created as a result of processing, or combining or mixing with another thing or things, shall be owned as agreed if there is such an agreement, or in accordance with law if there is no agreement or the relevant agreement is unclear, or, in the absence of any provisions in law, be determined in compliance with the principles of making full use of the thing and protecting the party without fault. Where damage is caused to another party owing to one party’s fault or owing to the determination of the attribution of the thing, indemnity or compensation shall be paid.
  第三分编 用益物权
Part Three
Rights to Usufruct
  第十章 一般规定
Chapter X
General Rules
  第三百二十三条 用益物权人对他人所有的不动产或者动产,依法享有占有、使用和收益的权利。
Article 323
A usufructuary has the right to possess, use, and benefit from the immovable or movable property owned by another person in accordance with law.
  第三百二十四条 国家所有或者国家所有由集体使用以及法律规定属于集体所有的自然资源,组织、个人依法可以占有、使用和收益。
Article 324
Organizations and individuals may, in accordance with law, possess, use, and benefit from the natural resources owned by the State, the State-owned natural resources that are used by collectives, and the natural resources that are owned by collectives as provided by law.
  第三百二十五条 国家实行自然资源有偿使用制度,但是法律另有规定的除外。
Article 325
The State implements a system of compensation for the use of natural resources, unless otherwise provided by law.


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