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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第三百八十五条 已经登记的地役权变更、转让或者消灭的,应当及时办理变更登记或者注销登记。
Article 385
Where a registered easement is altered, transferred, or extinguished, the registration of the change or deregistration shall be made in a timely manner.

  第四分编 担保物权
Part Four
Security Interests
  第十六章 一般规定
Chapter XVI
General Rules
  第三百八十六条 担保物权人在债务人不履行到期债务或者发生当事人约定的实现担保物权的情形,依法享有就担保财产优先受偿的权利,但是法律另有规定的除外。
Article 386
Where a debtor fails to perform his obligation due, or any event upon the occurrence of which a security interest is to be enforced as agreed upon by the parties occurs, the person entitled to the security interest has priority to be paid from the collateral in accordance with law, unless otherwise provided by law.
  第三百八十七条 债权人在借贷、买卖等民事活动中,为保障实现其债权,需要担保的,可以依照本法和其他法律的规定设立担保物权。
Article 387
Where a creditor needs to secure his claims in a civil activity such as lending, buying and selling, and the like, he may create a security interest in accordance with the provisions of this Code and other laws.
Where a third person provides security to the creditor for the debtor, the debtor may be requested to provide a counter-security. Counter-securities shall be governed by the provisions of this Code and other laws.


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