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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第四百三十八条 质押财产折价或者拍卖、变卖后,其价款超过债权数额的部分归出质人所有,不足部分由债务人清偿。
Article 438
After a pledged property is appraised, or is sold at auction or in a sale, where the value of the pledged property as appraised or the proceeds obtained from auction or sale is in excess of the amount of the obligation owed, any excess shall belong to the pledgor, whereas any deficiency balance shall be paid by the debtor.

  第四百三十九条 出质人与质权人可以协议设立最高额质权。
Article 439
A pledgor and a pledgee may create a maximum pledge for floating claims upon agreement.
In addition to the relevant provisions of this Section, the relevant provisions of Section 2 of Chapter 17 of this Book shall be applied mutatis mutandis to the maximum pledge for floating claims.
  第二节 权利质权
Section 2
Pledge on a Right
  第四百四十条 债务人或者第三人有权处分的下列权利可以出质:
Article 440
The following rights, which a debtor or a third person is entitled to dispose of, may be pledged:
(1) bills of exchange, promissory notes, and checks;
(2) bonds and certificates of deposits;
(3) warehouse receipts and bills of lading;
(4) transferable fund shares and equity;
(5) transferable proprietary rights consisted in intellectual property such as the right to the exclusive use of registered trademarks, patent rights, and copyrights;
(6) existing and after-acquired accounts receivables; and
(7) any other proprietary right that may be pledged in accordance with the provisions of laws and administrative regulations.


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