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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第四百四十五条 以应收账款出质的,质权自办理出质登记时设立。
Article 445
A pledge on an account receivable is created upon registration.
An account receivable, after being pledged, may not be transferred unless otherwise agreed by the pledgor and the pledgee through consultation. The proceeds obtained by the pledgor from the transfer of the account receivable shall be applied to pay to the pledgee to discharge the obligation before it is due or be placed in escrow.
  第四百四十六条 权利质权除适用本节规定外,适用本章第一节的有关规定。
Article 446
In addition to the provisions of this Section, the relevant provisions of Section 1 of this Chapter shall be applied to the pledge on rights.
  第十九章 留置权
Chapter XIX
  第四百四十七条 债务人不履行到期债务,债权人可以留置已经合法占有的债务人的动产,并有权就该动产优先受偿。
Article 447
Where a debtor fails to perform his obligation due, the creditor may retain the debtor’s movable property which is already in the lawful possession of the creditor and has priority to be paid from such movable property.
The creditor as specified in the preceding paragraph is the lienholder, the movable property in his possession for this purpose is the property under lien.
  第四百四十八条 债权人留置的动产,应当与债权属于同一法律关系,但是企业之间留置的除外。
Article 448
The movable property retained under a lien by the creditor shall be in the same legal relationship as the underlying claim, unless the lienholder and the debtor are both enterprises.


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