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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第四百五十四条 债务人可以请求留置权人在债务履行期限届满后行使留置权;留置权人不行使的,债务人可以请求人民法院拍卖、变卖留置财产。
Article 454
A debtor may request the lienholder to enforce the lien after expiration of the period of performance of the obligation; where the lienholder fails to do so, the debtor may request the people’s court to have the retained property sold at auction or in a sale.
  第四百五十五条 留置财产折价或者拍卖、变卖后,其价款超过债权数额的部分归债务人所有,不足部分由债务人清偿。
Article 455
After the property retained under a lien is appraised and accepted by the lienholder as full or partial satisfaction of his claim, or is sold at auction or in a sale, where the value of the retained property or the proceeds obtained from auction or sale of the retained property is in excess of the amount of the obligation owed, any excess shall belong to the debtor, whereas any deficiency balance shall be paid by the debtor.
  第四百五十六条 同一动产上已经设立抵押权或者质权,该动产又被留置的,留置权人优先受偿。
Article 456
Where a lien is created on movable property on which a mortgage or pledge has already been created, the lienholder has priority to be paid.
  第四百五十七条 留置权人对留置财产丧失占有或者留置权人接受债务人另行提供担保的,留置权消灭。
Article 457
A lien is extinguished where the lienholder loses possession of the retained property or accepts another form of security provided by the debtor.
  第五分编 占有
Part Five
  第二十章 占有
Chapter XX
  第四百五十八条 基于合同关系等产生的占有,有关不动产或者动产的使用、收益、违约责任等,按照合同约定;合同没有约定或者约定不明确的,依照有关法律规定。
Article 458
In the case of possession of immovable or movable property based on a contractual relationship, matters such as the use of the immovable or movable property, the benefits therefrom, and the default liability shall be subject to the agreement in the contract; where there is no agreement thereon in the contract or the relevant agreement is unclear, the relevant provisions of laws shall be followed.


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