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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

第三编 合同

Book Three

   第一分编 通则

Part One
General Provisions

  第一章 一般规定
Chapter I
General Rules
  第四百六十三条 本编调整因合同产生的民事关系。
Article 463
This Book regulates the civil-law relations arising from contracts.
  第四百六十四条 合同是民事主体之间设立、变更、终止民事法律关系的协议。
Article 464
A contract is an agreement on the establishment, modification, or termination of a civil juristic relationship between persons of the civil law.
An agreement on establishing a marriage, adoption, guardianship, or the like personal relationships shall be governed by the provisions of laws providing for such personal relationships; in the absence of such provisions, the provisions of this Book may be applied mutatis mutandis according to the nature of such an agreement.
  第四百六十五条 依法成立的合同,受法律保护。
Article 465
A contract formed in accordance with law is protected by law.
A contract formed in accordance with law is legally binding only on the parties to the contract, unless otherwise provided by law.
  第四百六十六条 当事人对合同条款的理解有争议的,应当依据本法第一百四十二条第一款的规定,确定争议条款的含义。
Article 466
Where the parties have a dispute on the understanding of a contract clause, the meaning of the disputed clause shall be determined according to the provision in the first paragraph of Article 142 of this Code.
Where a contract is made in two or more languages which are agreed to be equally authentic, the words and sentences used in each text are presumed to have the same meaning. Where the words and sentences used in each text are inconsistent, interpretation shall be made in accordance with the related clauses, the nature, and the purpose of the contract, and the principle of good faith, and the like.


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