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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第二分编 典型合同

Part Two
Nominate Contracts

  第九章 买卖合同
Chapter IX
Sales Contracts
  第五百九十五条 买卖合同是出卖人转移标的物的所有权于买受人,买受人支付价款的合同。
Article 595
A sales contract is a contract under which a seller transfers his ownership over the subject matter to a buyer who pays the price in return.
  第五百九十六条 买卖合同的内容一般包括标的物的名称、数量、质量、价款、履行期限、履行地点和方式、包装方式、检验标准和方法、结算方式、合同使用的文字及其效力等条款。
Article 596
A sales contract generally contains clauses specifying the name, quantity, quality, and price of the subject matter, the period, place, and method of performance, the packaging, the standard and methods for inspection, the means of settlement, the language used in the contract, the validity thereof, and the like.
  第五百九十七条 因出卖人未取得处分权致使标的物所有权不能转移的,买受人可以解除合同并请求出卖人承担违约责任。
Article 597
If the ownership of a subject matter is unable to be transferred due to the fact that the seller fails to obtain the right of disposal thereof, the buyer may rescind the contract and request the seller to bear default liability.
Where there are laws or administrative regulations prohibiting or restricting the transfer of a subject matter, such provisions shall be followed.
  第五百九十八条 出卖人应当履行向买受人交付标的物或者交付提取标的物的单证,并转移标的物所有权的义务。
Article 598
A seller shall perform his obligation of delivering the subject matter or the documents for taking delivery thereof, and transferring the ownership over the subject matter to the buyer.


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