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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第二节 客运合同
Section 2
Passenger Transport Contracts

  第八百一十四条 客运合同自承运人向旅客出具客票时成立,但是当事人另有约定或者另有交易习惯的除外。
Article 814
A passenger transport contract is formed at the time when the carrier issues a ticket to the passenger, unless otherwise provided by the parties or in accordance with the course of dealing.
  第八百一十五条 旅客应当按照有效客票记载的时间、班次和座位号乘坐。旅客无票乘坐、超程乘坐、越级乘坐或者持不符合减价条件的优惠客票乘坐的,应当补交票款,承运人可以按照规定加收票款;旅客不支付票款的,承运人可以拒绝运输。
Article 815
A passenger shall get on board pursuant to the time, the number of runs or flights, and the seat number indicated on the valid ticket. Any passenger who boards without a ticket, beyond the paid distance, in a higher class, or with a discounted ticket while he is unqualified therefor shall pay or make up for the difference in the ticket price, and the carrier may charge an extra fare according to the regulations. Where a passenger refuses to pay the fare accordingly, the carrier may refuse to transport him.
Where a passenger under a real-name passenger transport contract loses his ticket, he may request the carrier to report the loss and reissue a ticket, and the carrier may not re-collect ticket fees or other unreasonable expenses.
  第八百一十六条 旅客因自己的原因不能按照客票记载的时间乘坐的,应当在约定的期限内办理退票或者变更手续;逾期办理的,承运人可以不退票款,并不再承担运输义务。
Article 816
A passenger who is unable to get on board at the time indicated on the ticket due to his own reason shall, within the period of time agreed by the parties, undergo the procedures for refund or change of the ticket. If the passenger fails to undergo the refund or change procedures within the agreed period of time, the carrier may refuse to refund the ticket, and no longer has the transport obligation.
  第八百一十七条 旅客随身携带行李应当符合约定的限量和品类要求;超过限量或者违反品类要求携带行李的,应当办理托运手续。
Article 817
The carry-on baggage of a passenger shall conform to the quantity limit and category requirements in accordance with the agreement. A passenger who carries baggage in excess of the quantity limit or in violation of the requirements for the category shall have the baggage checked in.


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