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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第三节 货运合同
Section 3
Freight Transport Contracts

  第八百二十五条 托运人办理货物运输,应当向承运人准确表明收货人的姓名、名称或者凭指示的收货人,货物的名称、性质、重量、数量,收货地点等有关货物运输的必要情况。
Article 825
A consignor, when consigning goods for transport, shall clearly declare to the carrier the information necessary for freight transport such as the name or entity name of the consignee or the consignee by order, as well as the name, nature, weight and quantity of the goods, and the place of delivery.
If losses are caused to the carrier due to the consignor’s untrue declaration or omission of substantial information in the declaration, the consignor shall bear the liability for compensation.
  第八百二十六条 货物运输需要办理审批、检验等手续的,托运人应当将办理完有关手续的文件提交承运人。
Article 826
Where a freight transport is subject to approval or inspection, the consignor shall submit to the carrier the documents showing the completion of the relevant formalities.
  第八百二十七条 托运人应当按照约定的方式包装货物。对包装方式没有约定或者约定不明确的,适用本法第六百一十九条的规定。
Article 827
A consignor shall package the goods in a manner as agreed by the parties. Where there is no agreement by the parties on the packaging methods or the relevant agreement is unclear, the provisions of Article 619 of this Code shall be applied.
Where a consignor violates the provision of the preceding paragraph, the carrier may refuse to conduct the transportation.
  第八百二十八条 托运人托运易燃、易爆、有毒、有腐蚀性、有放射性等危险物品的,应当按照国家有关危险物品运输的规定对危险物品妥善包装,做出危险物品标志和标签,并将有关危险物品的名称、性质和防范措施的书面材料提交承运人。
Article 828
Where a consignor consigns for transportation such dangerous goods as inflammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, or radioactive articles, the consignor shall, in accordance with the regulations of the State on the transport of dangerous goods, properly package the dangerous goods, affix warning signs and labels thereto, and submit to the carrier written documents concerning the name, nature, and precautionary measures relevant to the dangerous goods.
Where a consignor violates the provision of the preceding paragraph, the carrier may refuse to conduct the transport, or may take appropriate measures to prevent losses, and the expenses thus incurred shall be borne by the consignor.


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