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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

   第八百八十七条 法律、行政法规对技术中介合同、技术培训合同另有规定的,依照其规定。
Article 887
Where there are laws or administrative regulations providing otherwise on  technology intermediary contracts and technology training contracts, the relevant provisions shall be followed.

  第二十一章 保管合同

Chapter XXI
Contracts for Custody of Property

  第八百八十八条 保管合同是保管人保管寄存人交付的保管物,并返还该物的合同。
Article 888
A contract for custody of property is a contract under which a custodian keeps an article delivered by a depositor and returns the said article.

Where a depositor conducts shopping, dining, lodging, or other activities in the custodian’s place and deposits an article at a designated area, the article is deemed to be placed under the custodian’s custody unless otherwise agreed by the parties or required by the course of dealing.

  第八百八十九条 寄存人应当按照约定向保管人支付保管费。
Article 889
A depositor shall pay the safekeeping fee to the custodian in accordance with the agreement.
Where there is no agreement between the parties on the safekeeping fee or the relevant agreement is unclear, if it cannot be determined according to the provisions of Article 510 of this Code, the article is deemed to be placed in a gratuitous custody.

  第八百九十条 保管合同自保管物交付时成立,但是当事人另有约定的除外。
Article 890
A contract for custody of property is formed upon delivery of the article to be placed under custody, unless otherwise agreed by the parties.


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