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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第三分编 准合同

Part Three
  第二十八章 无因管理
Chapter XXVIII
Negotiorum Gestio

  第九百七十九条 管理人没有法定的或者约定的义务,为避免他人利益受损失而管理他人事务的,可以请求受益人偿还因管理事务而支出的必要费用;管理人因管理事务受到损失的,可以请求受益人给予适当补偿。
Article 979
Where a person who has neither a statutory nor a contractual obligation acts as a custodian to manage another person’s affairs in order to prevent the latter from suffering a loss of interests, the said person may request the beneficiary to reimburse the necessary expenses thus incurred. Where such a custodian suffers losses when managing another person’s affairs, the custodian may request the beneficiary to make appropriate compensation.
Where the management of another person’s affairs is contrary to the true will of the beneficiary, the custodian does not have the right provided in the preceding paragraph, unless the true will of the beneficiary is in violation of law or against the public order or good morals.

  第九百八十条 管理人管理事务不属于前条规定的情形,但是受益人享有管理利益的,受益人应当在其获得的利益范围内向管理人承担前条第一款规定的义务。
Article 980
Where the management by a custodian of another person’s affairs does not fall within the circumstances provided in the preceding Article, but the beneficiary has enjoyed the benefit of the management, the beneficiary shall be subject to the obligations provided in the first paragraph of the preceding Article to the custodian to the extent of the benefit thus gained by him.

  第九百八十一条 管理人管理他人事务,应当采取有利于受益人的方法。中断管理对受益人不利的,无正当理由不得中断。

Article 981
A custodian shall manage another person’s affairs in the best interest of the beneficiary. Where suspension of management is to put the beneficiary at a disadvantageous position, the management may not be suspended without just cause.

  第九百八十二条 管理人管理他人事务,能够通知受益人的,应当及时通知受益人。管理的事务不需要紧急处理的,应当等待受益人的指示。
Article 982
A custodian who manages another person’s affairs shall promptly notify the beneficiary if he is able to do so. Where a matter does not need urgent management, the custodian shall wait for the beneficiary’s instruction.


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