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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

 第三章 姓名权和名称权
Chapter III
Rights to Name and Rights to Entity Name

  第一千零一十二条 自然人享有姓名权,有权依法决定、使用、变更或者许可他人使用自己的姓名,但是不得违背公序良俗。
Article 1012

A natural person enjoys the right to name and is entitled to determine, use, change, or allow others to use his name in accordance with law, provided that public order and good morals are not offended.

  第一千零一十三条 法人、非法人组织享有名称权,有权依法决定、使用、变更、转让或者许可他人使用自己的名称。
Article 1013
A legal person or an unincorporated organization enjoys the right to entity name and is entitled to decide, use, change, transfer, or allow others to use its entity name in accordance with law.

  第一千零一十四条 任何组织或者个人不得以干涉、盗用、假冒等方式侵害他人的姓名权或者名称权。
Article 1014
No organization or individual may infringe upon other’s rights to name or rights to entity name by means such as interference, misappropriation, impersonation, or the like.


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