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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

第五编 婚姻家庭
Book Five
Marriage and Family

  第一章 一般规定

Chapter I
General Rules

  第一千零四十条 本编调整因婚姻家庭产生的民事关系。

Article 1040
This Book regulates the civil-law relations arising from marriage or family.

  第一千零四十一条 婚姻家庭受国家保护。

Article 1041
Marriage and family are protected by the State.


A marriage system based on freedom of marriage, monogamy, and equality between men and women is implemented.


The lawful rights and interests of women, minors, the elderly, and persons with disabilities are protected.

  第一千零四十二条 禁止包办、买卖婚姻和其他干涉婚姻自由的行为。禁止借婚姻索取财物。
Article 1042
Arranged marriages, mercenary marriages, and other acts interfering with the freedom of marriage are prohibited. The exaction of money or other property by way of marriage is prohibited.


Bigamy is prohibited. No one who has a spouse may cohabit with another person.


Domestic violence is prohibited. Maltreatment or desertion of family members is prohibited.


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