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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

   第二章 结婚

Chapter II
Entering into Marriage

  第一千零四十六条 结婚应当男女双方完全自愿,禁止任何一方对另一方加以强迫,禁止任何组织或者个人加以干涉。

Article 1046
A man and a woman shall enter into marriage freely and voluntarily. Neither party may compel the other party to enter into marriage against his will, and no organization or individual may interfere with the freedom of marriage.

  第一千零四十七条 结婚年龄,男不得早于二十二周岁,女不得早于二十周岁。
Article 1047
To enter into a marriage, a man shall reach the age of twenty-two, and a woman shall reach the age of twenty.

  第一千零四十八条 直系血亲或者三代以内的旁系血亲禁止结婚。
Article 1048
Persons who are lineal relatives by blood, or collateral relatives by blood up to the third degree of kinship are prohibited from being married.

  第一千零四十九条 要求结婚的男女双方应当亲自到婚姻登记机关申请结婚登记。符合本法规定的,予以登记,发给结婚证。完成结婚登记,即确立婚姻关系。未办理结婚登记的,应当补办登记。

Article 1049
Both the man and the woman intending to enter into a marriage shall file registration of the marriage in person with a marriage registration authority. If the proposed marriage is found to conform to the provisions of this Code, the marriage shall be registered and a marriage certificate shall be issued. A marital relationship is established upon completion of the marriage registration. The couple who has failed to file a marriage registration shall complete the registration.


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