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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第三章 家庭关系

Chapter III
Domestic Relations

  第一节 夫妻关系

Section 1
Spousal Relationship

  第一千零五十五条 夫妻在婚姻家庭中地位平等。

Article 1055
Husband and wife are equal in marriage and family.

  第一千零五十六条 夫妻双方都有各自使用自己姓名的权利。
Article 1056
Both spouses have the right to retain their own surname and given name.
  第一千零五十七条 夫妻双方都有参加生产、工作、学习和社会活动的自由,一方不得对另一方加以限制或者干涉。

Article 1057
Both spouses are free to engage in production and other work, and to study and to participate in social activities. Neither party may restrain or interfere with such freedom of the other party.

  第一千零五十八条 夫妻双方平等享有对未成年子女抚养、教育和保护的权利,共同承担对未成年子女抚养、教育和保护的义务。
Article 1058
Both spouses have equal rights and joint duties to raise, educate, and protect their minor children.


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