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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第一千零六十六条 婚姻关系存续期间,有下列情形之一的,夫妻一方可以向人民法院请求分割共同财产:
Article 1066
During the marriage, either spouse may apply to the people’s court for partition of their community property under any of the following circumstances:
(1) the other spouse has concealed, transferred, sold, destructed or damaged, or squandered the community property, created a false community debt, or committed other acts that seriously infringe upon the interests of the community property; or
(2) a person, whom one of the spouses has a statutory obligation to support, is suffering from a serious disease and needs medical treatment, but the other spouse does not agree to pay the relevant medical expenses.
  第二节 父母子女关系和其他近亲属关系

Section 2
Relationship Between Parents and Children, and Relationship
Among Other Close Relatives

  第一千零六十七条 父母不履行抚养义务的,未成年子女或者不能独立生活的成年子女,有要求父母给付抚养费的权利。
Article 1067
Where parents fail to fulfill their duty to raise their children, a minor child or an adult child who is incapable of supporting himself has the right to claim child support payments against his parents.
Where an adult child fails to fulfill the duty to support his parents, his parents who lack the capacity to work or are in financial hardship have the right to claim support payments against the adult child.
  第一千零六十八条 父母有教育、保护未成年子女的权利和义务。未成年子女造成他人损害的,父母应当依法承担民事责任。
Article 1068
Parents have the right and duty to educate and protect their minor children. Where a minor causes damage to others, his parents shall bear civil liability in accordance with law.
  第一千零六十九条 子女应当尊重父母的婚姻权利,不得干涉父母离婚、再婚以及婚后的生活。子女对父母的赡养义务,不因父母的婚姻关系变化而终止。
Article 1069
Children shall respect their parents’ right to marriage and may not interfere with their parents’ divorce, remarriage, or their marital life thereafter. Children’s duty to support their parents does not end with the change of their parents’ marital relationship.


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