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宋词欣赏: 宋代诗文名篇佳作,每日一篇

昨天 七月初七 明天

鹊桥仙 秦观



Clouds have their peculiar flair and skill; they can change their size and shape , as they will.

Stars have qualities more wonderful still; the hopes of their fellows, they can fulfill.

In those celestial regions, high above, as links for one star to approach her love.

They help Lassie to cross the Milky Way, to see her Laddie once a year, this day.

Their love is like heavenly dew for gods to drink, to the human level, it would never sink.

One rendezvous between them is of more worth, then countless such as we have on this, our earth.

Their love is constant, as water is , in its flow; their lover's meeting is short, as sweet dreams go.

How she bears the sight of Magpie Bridge without a tear, which marks their separation for another year.

Since their affection is something that endure, must they bill and coo as daily renewer?


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