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企业内训 Effective Presentation

         In-House Training Process


1. Discussing about training needs and proposals

What are the business objectives and what are the corresponding strategies to achieve these objectives? 

What is the corresponding HR strategy to align with the business strategy of the business? 

What does the business require of the employees in terms of knowledge, skill and attitude? 

What is the current level of the KSA's of the employees?

What can be done so that the human resources will serve the company objectives better?

What you need to do is just to dial the number you will find hereinafter and I will help you with your training needs and propose to you my expert opinion of what should be done to help your business succeed.          

2. Making training plans 

After you approve the proposal, agreement will be signed and arrangement will be made regarding what should be done afterwards.

I will discuss with your HR partner about the program details.

It is necessary that I contact your HR, candidate training participants and their supervisors so that the training will meet your particular business needs.

3. Implementing the training plans

Implementing the training plans has always been challenging and I am always ready to help you and give you advice.

4. Analyzing training results

I help you understand the changes in knowledge, skill and attitude after you participate in our training programs.

5. Application

I help you to see to it that the knowledge and skills learned during the training sessions be applied in daily work.

Always, please, feel free to contact me

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