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Previous Management

Finally, if you want to be considered for a management position, ask for it. Don't wait for someone to come and offer it to you. Approach you boss and tell him or her you would like to follow their example and move into management. Ask them to keep you in mind the next time they need someone to head up a committee or lead a small team or something similar. That way they know you are interested and will keep an eye on you. When they see you can handle smaller things, they will start to delegate larger things, eventually leading to a supervisor or management position. 
In larger organizations, the HR department maintains a list of open positions on the company intranet. Smaller companies may just post the list on the bulletin board. Keep an eye on the list. When you see an entry level management position on the list apply for it. If you have done your job well, done your homework and learned what managers do, developed people skills, and shown your boss your interest in management, your boss will probably support your application. 

Next Steps

If you decide management is not for you, great. We all need talented people in our groups. If you decide you do want to start down the management path, start with this page of helpful information I put together for Managers just starting out: Beginning Management.