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Is Management For Me?

Your Guide to Management.

Examine The Pros And Cons Of Taking A Management Path In Your Career. 

Are you wondering whether you want to be a manager, deciding if a management path is right for your career? Maybe the company has suggested a supervisory position for you. Maybe someone in your life is pushing you to "make more out of your life." Or are you trying to decide whether to get you Masters degree in your technical specialty or go for an MBA instead. 

Whatever the reason you are considering a management career, this article will help you decide whether or not management is for you. 

The Upside of Being a Manager

There are many positives to being a manager. Managers generally are paid more than others in the company. They appear to have more power. And the power and pay differences tend to give the position more status or prestige. 
Pay Certainly the top manager in a company, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is paid more than anyone else in the company. 

Managers below the CEO are generally paid more than everyone in their group as well, but not always. I managed a group of scientists in which the very top scientists were paid more than I. Smart companies pay their people based on their value to the company, not on their title or position, and in that company, key scientists were more valuable than their manager.