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Previous Psychology

Members of the educational establishment write the dictionaries, and the educational establishment is entrenched in modern psychological theories. Let's return to the correct definition of the word.

Adhering to the strict definition of the word, psychology would involve the study of man's invisible world as described above, and nothing else. By definition this is what the study would deal with. This is not an opinion or bias. This is according to exactly what the word means and nothing else. Of course, relations to behavior could be studied, and relations to brain activity could be studied, but the subject in itself, by definition is or should be the study of the mind or soul. A more correct name for the modern subjects of psychology and psychiatry would be "people control" because that's what they actually are. They are subjects involving how to alter thoughts, attitudes and behavior. The intention is to control people. That in a nutshell is the purpose of behaviorism. Naturally governments and totalitarians love the subject. They also fund it in large way.

A Legitimate Study of the Mind
What would a study of the mind entail? It would investigate the nature, functioning, and potentials of man's inner and invisible mental activity. This would encompass such things as awareness, attention, intention, imagination and concentration. It would develop techniques for any individual to first, become aware of these functions, and to also strengthen and expand their use and control of these functions. It would also investigate the actual source of the problems anyone experiences with their own mind. Again, these things do exist, can be observed by anyone caring to examine their own mind, and involve a tremendous uncharted area of possible exploration, investigation, codification and summarizing. Freudian psychology and psychotherapy, despite all its faults, at least recognized and partially examined this realm. For a subject calling itself the "science of the mind" to omit all this is a huge failure of modern psychology. It's actually absurd and would be laughable if the results of what they do weren't so insidious. It is equally laughable that many of these overly-educated boobs talk together as if they are the absolute pinnacle of truth about the subject of psychology. Sadly, too many others accept their claims and treat them as if they actually deserve respect, support and admiration. They don't.