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Previous Psychology

This has nothing to do with mysticism, spiritualism (communicating with the dead), astral travel, OBE (out-of-body experiences), or psychic phenomena. It's not that these don't or can't exist, but a serious and scientific examination of the mind need not involve or explain these things.

It might eventually, but it isn't necessary. The point is you do have a mind. It is more you than anything else. You can take away your possessions, your family, your friends, your job, your arms, your legs, your torso, your ears, your nose, your jaw, your skull, and the one thing that remains, which always remains, and which is closest to your basic identity, is your mind. This is the invisible space and activity you are aware of every second of every day and that most people experience as existing "in their head". This realm has been grossly ignored by modern psychological studies and theories to our continual detriment and harm.

Some of this may be hard for some readers to understand or accept because an actual study and involvement with the mind isn't done at all under the current subject of psychology. It's strangely absent from most modern concepts of Man. This concept has been largely eradicated from the "modern world view". Notions of the mind and related ideas about it have been falsely equated to "religion", "spiritualism" or "mysticism". We each have a mind. You know it, and I know it. We each experience it and its many various aspects as mentioned above. This is very simple and straightforward.