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Previous Psychology

Considering that every decent, creative, and wonderful thing in existence in the physical world started as an idea in the invisible and unobservable mind of someone should make this denial of the mind by "modern science" a major cause for alarm. This is doubly true when one also considers that every problem in society largely has its source in actual problems with an individual mind.

Education and the environment may heavily influence problems with crime, violence, abuse, and sexual deviancy, but ultimately the final basic source of these problem areas resides in the individual minds of people.

The Harmful Results of Denying the Mind
When the mind is denied, so ultimately is every good and decent thing that emanate from it including creativity, self-determinism, responsibility, morality, reason, and a value of life itself. The current decadent notion of man without a mind or inner personality, considered only as an animal or a biological organism has been institutionalized into the theories and practices of modern civilization in the media, sociology, education, government, economics, health, and of course, psychology and psychiatry.

This has had disastrous consequences in the form of increasing crime, divorce, violence, and decreasing levels of education, morality, personal responsibility, social stability and sanity. Simply, when the source of life itself for the individual and society is denied, oppressive practices parading as "science" surface and the quality of life and sanity rapidly deteriorates. This is the exact condition of modern western civilization. Psychiatric lobotomy, electric shock treatment, psychoactive drugs, behavioral manipulation, mass population control, and social development instead of intellectual education in the schools serve as a few examples.