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Previous Psychology

Modern psychology, due to absurd notions, flawed presumptions, intellectual dullness, observational weakness, blatant prejudice, and tremendous financial concerns ignores the mind completely, and instead concentrates on physiology, and analyzing and controlling animal behavior and responses to environmental factors. It's not that you don't have a body and use it to play your part in life. You do. There is physiology, and the environment does effect each and every one of us. But the current subject pretends to be a study of the mind and Man, and having failed completely at that has abandoned and finally denied the very existence of Man's mind. Worse, it pretends to be the final word on the subject, all the while attacking and suppressing any honest study or subject that deals with the actual field of the mind.

Modern psychology and psychiatry claim validity by posturing as "science". They claim to "study Man as an object of investigative science". They fail at this because any legitimate science should and would take into account all aspects of the subject it deals with. A valid science would not choose to omit a major body of data from its analysis, which is what they have done with the mind. Dealing with, examining, and limiting observations to a specific smaller realm of data, while ignoring a very large area of other data, which it finds inconvenient because it fails to conform to their pet theories, is exactly what has been done by the modern fields of psychology and psychiatry. Failing to take the entire subject matter into account has resulted in incorrect theories, faulty observations, flawed basic assumptions, and unworkable results.