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Previous Psychology

The History of Psychology

For thousands of years psychology existed under the name of philosophy. The Hindu Vedas contain the oldest record of man's examination of mind and spirit. In India all forms of Yoga, which are essentially psychology, are described as one of the six systems of philosophy. Sufi teachings, which again are chiefly psychological, are regarded as partly religious and partly metaphysical. In more modern times systems, still largely following in this same vein, can be found the subjects of Rosicrucianism, New Thought, Science of Mind, and Scientology.

If you found yourself flinching or reacting negatively to the mention of any of these subjects, such as Yoga, Rosicrucianism, Scientology, or any of the the many other alternative approaches to the mind and reality, realize this is not because there is anything actually strange or weird about these subjects. It is because modern psychology, psychiatry and affiliated proponents of modern materialistic "science" have successfully applied black PR them to such a large degree. In fact, they have covertly attacked these subjects for most of this century. An intelligent and objective look into any of these fields, although sometimes initially confusing largely due to the newness of the subject and difference in approach to reality, will result in a widened understanding of yourself (and Man in general). It will become very obvious that modern western psychology has little to do with that incredible universe that exists a few inches behind your forehead.