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The History of Psychology Psychology

The mind has been examined, studied, drilled and "expanded", at times to the point of excruciating detail (i.e. Tibetan Buddhist Yogic practices), within many fields. This is not to say that due to language barriers and the passage of time, that the information has not been lost to some degree or that these studies weren't without errors, flaws, bias and opinion in the first place. The point is not whether any of these are perfect studies or completed the task of researching the mind, but that the possibility for such a study exists, has been done before in various ways and degrees, and that modern psychology (and psychiatry) has nothing to do with this field.

The Fraud of Modern Psychiatry
Psychiatrists will argue and say they use "mental" criteria routinely to diagnose mental illness. They do. But we need to take a closer look at what they do. They never observe the mind with an intention to empower or strengthen its capabilities. This is covered in detail elsewhere (DSM-IV Introduction).

Man and his societies cannot achieve happiness or success when the most basic and true aspect of Man has been denied and oppressed through institutionalized flawed belief systems parading as "science". Modern psychological theories, in the form of psychiatry, genetics, behavioral science, social science, (and used by humanists and atheists to justify their positions):

1) are completely false omitting the key part of the subject (the mind),
2 pretend to be authoritative when they are factually not this at all, and