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a socially responsible company

Corporate and Social Responsibility(CSR) is not a new idea to Cadbury Schweppes. 

Our founders were well known for their fair treatment of employees, their contribution to the community and ethical sourcing of raw materials.

Today we still believe that doing business responsibly is in the best interests of all our stakeholders - consumers, customers, shareowners, employees, suppliers and other business partners - who work together with us.

 We also have a clear commitment to the communities and to the environment in which we operate.

While the nature of our value chain and the new global economy brings new issues and many challenges, our CSR programme provides the framework to integrate our values into everything we do.

Browse this site to find out more about our CSR programme: corporate governance, employment practices; ethical trading, food and consumer issues; environment, health and safety and community. 

Discover the different ways in which we are living up to the demands of good corporate citizenship.

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