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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第一千一百二十四条 继承开始后,继承人放弃继承的,应当在遗产处理前,以书面形式作出放弃继承的表示;没有表示的,视为接受继承。

Article 1124
A successor who, after the opening of succession, disclaims an inheritance shall manifest his decision in writing before the estate is disposed of. In the absence of such a manifestation, he is deemed to have accepted the inheritance.


A donee-by-will shall, within 60 days after he learns of the testamentary gift, manifest his decision to accept or disclaim it. In the absence of such a manifestation within the specified period, he is deemed to have disclaimed the gift.

  第一千一百二十五条 继承人有下列行为之一的,丧失继承权:
Article 1125
A successor is disinherited if he has committed any of the following acts:
(1) intentionally killing the now decedent;
(2) killing any other successor in fighting over the estate;
(3) abandoning the now decedent, or maltreating him and the circumstances are serious;
(4) forging, tampering with, concealing, or destroying the will, and the circumstances are serious; or
(5) through fraud or duress, compelling the testator to write, alter, or revoke a will or interfering with such acts, and the circumstances are serious.
A successor who had committed one of the acts listed in Subparagraphs (3) through (5) of the preceding paragraph may not be disinherited if he truly repented and mended his ways, and was forgiven by the now decedent or was thereafter appointed as one of the successors in the decedent’s will.
A donee-by-will who has committed the act listed in the first paragraph of this Article loses his right to receive the testamentary gift.
  第二章 法定继承
Chapter II
Intestate Succession
  第一千一百二十六条 继承权男女平等。
Article 1126
Men and women are equal in their right to inheritance.
  第一千一百二十七条 遗产按照下列顺序继承:
Article 1127
The estate of a decedent shall be succeeded in the following order:

(1) first in order: spouse, children, and parents;
(2) second in order: siblings, paternal grandparents, and maternal grandparents.
When succession opens, the successor(s) first in order shall inherit to the  exclusion of the successor(s) second in order. The successor(s) second in order shall inherit the estate in default of any successor first in order.
“Children” referred to in this Book include children born in or out of wedlock, and adopted children, as well as stepchildren who were raised up by the decedent.
“Parents” referred to in this Book include natural parents and adoptive parents, as well as stepparents who raised up the decedent.
“Siblings” referred to in this Book include siblings of whole blood and half blood, and adopted siblings, as well as stepsiblings who supported or were supported by the decedent.


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