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中华人民共和国民法典上一条 中华人民共和国民法典目录

  第一千二百二十六条 医疗机构及其医务人员应当对患者的隐私和个人信息保密。泄露患者的隐私和个人信息,或者未经患者同意公开其病历资料的,应当承担侵权责任。

Article 1226
Medical institutions and their medical staff shall keep their patients’ private information and personal information confidential. Anyone who divulges the private information or personal information of a patient or discloses his medical records without the patient’s consent shall bear tort liability.

  第一千二百二十七条 医疗机构及其医务人员不得违反诊疗规范实施不必要的检查。

Article 1227
Medical institutions and their medical staff may not conduct unnecessary examinations for the patients in violation of the guidelines for diagnosis and treatment.

  第一千二百二十八条 医疗机构及其医务人员的合法权益受法律保护。

Article 1228
The lawful rights and interests of a medical institution and its medical staff are protected by law.


Anyone, who interferes with the order of a medical institution, obstructs the work or life of the medical staff, or infringes upon the lawful rights and interests of the medical staff, shall bear liability in accordance with law.

  第七章 环境污染和生态破坏责任

Chapter VII
Liability for Environmental Pollution and Ecological Damage

  第一千二百二十九条 因污染环境、破坏生态造成他人损害的,侵权人应当承担侵权责任。

Article 1229
A tortfeasor who has polluted the environment or harmed the ecological system and thus causes damage to others shall bear tort liability.

  第一千二百三十条 因污染环境、破坏生态发生纠纷,行为人应当就法律规定的不承担责任或者减轻责任的情形及其行为与损害之间不存在因果关系承担举证责任。

Article 1230
Where any dispute arises from environmental pollution or ecological damage, the actor shall bear the burden to prove that he should not be liable or that his liability could be mitigated as provided by law, and that there is no causation between his act and the damage.


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